“Kiss From A Rose.” “Batdance.” “Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me.” “Gotham City.” “Jingle Bells, Batman Smells.” There are a lot of songs about Batman. He has been a source of constant inspiration for musicians throughout history. But never quite like this. This is something very special.

I invite you to click above and watch the video for Joe Settineri (brought to our attention on Twitter by K. Thor Jensen). It is an (apparently) earnest ballad of love and admiration about poor Bruce Wayne and how sad it is when he cries. A few choice lyrics for you to admire:

There was a whole lot of hurt on Lovers Lane
The night was dark but you could see the pain
Rain pouring down, washing dreams right down the drain.
Sitting on the curb in his cape and horns
Head hung down just like he broke the law
His heart lost a battle, torture was in his eyes
I saw tears in Batman’s eyes

You should also know that when he Mr. Settineri sings about rain pouring down it starts to rain in the video. Also in some of this, he’s singing in the shower with black makeup around his eyes. Very powerful stuff. I am weeping right now as I write these words. Bat-weeping, in fact.

It is very sad that Batman is crying about ... I don’t know, Alfred making him a bad cup of soup or whatever. But on the plus side it gave Joe Settineri something to make this remarkable song about. So keep on crying, Dark Knight. Keep sitting on the curb in your cape and horns. And we shall sing a song of praise unto you.

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