Bandcamp continues to help musicians facing financial uncertainty stemming from the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis. Last month, the company announced a single day in which all profits generated from Bandcamp sales would go directly to artists. Now, the streaming service is doing it again — three more times.

Indeed, for one Friday in March, Bandcamp waived its entire revenue share. The campaign was a boon for artists — fans purchased $4.3 million worth of music and merchandise from the site on March 20. To further the cause, Bandcamp will continue the practice on the first Friday of the next three months.

As first revealed last week, the company will again institute the artist-friendly policy on May 1. Since that announcement, however, Bandcamp has extended "Bandcamp Fridays" to encompass June 5 and July 3 as well. Each Friday's campaign will cover the full day, including all sales from midnight to midnight PT.

Ready to support your favorite artist on Bandcamp? "Let's come together as a community to put money directly into artists' pockets," the music streaming and purchasing platform relayed via social media on Monday (April 27).

Bandcamp has long stood as one of the fairest digital music outlets for artists. With musicians normally receiving 85% of each sale, it's no wonder why independent bands have come to use Bandcamp as a main online distributor. Comparatively, iTunes takes 30% of each sale, as Digital Trends once reported.

But arguably no online music store or streaming service has come to the aid of artists in a time of need quite like Bandcamp. On a typical Friday, fans buy about 47,000 items on Bandcamp, as CEO Ethan Diamond has explained. But on the first Bandcamp Friday last month, fans bought nearly 800,000 items.

And, of course, all the profit generated from that day went right to the performers. So if you're looking for a way to support your favorite artist on Bandcamp amid the coronavirus pandemic, be sure to visit the website on May 1, June 5 or July 3 to contribute directly to the bands you're listening to.

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