A bald eagle decided to take on a drone that the state was using to monitor shoreline erosion along Lake Michigan.

It never gets old to me to see a majestic bald eagle flying around or sitting in a tree in Michigan.

I can't remember years ago when you would hardly ever see an eagle in the state let alone down state. Heck I have even seen them down as far as Indiana.

I've been fishing a few times with my son and we have spotted them cruising along the lake and one time had one come down pretty close to scoop up a fish and it was an awesome sight. That eagle caught a pretty nice perch too.

As we all know the shoreline of Lake Michigan has been having its share of erosion problems over the past few years and as it continues to worsen the state of Michigan has been using a drone to film and inspect the shorelines erosion problems.

According to FOX 17, the state was using the drone in the Upper Peninsula near Escanaba to document high water levels. That is when an eagle approached the drone thinking it was a competitor hunting in his area.

The eagle sent the drone tumbling down and unfortunately the $950 piece of machinery is at the bottom of Lake Michigan.

Apparently these drones actually have flight records and it looks like the eagle tore off a propeller from the drown. The eagle was uninjured but the drone is now out of commission.

Incase you are a drone pilot, you better make sure you are not flying your drone in the hunting area of a bald eagle or you may have to buy a new one like the state has had to do.

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