Badflower have not shied away from taking on difficult topics in their career, but the band's latest song "Family" takes a look inward with singer Josh Katz baring his soul speaking about strained familial ties in the slow burning song "Family."

The track opens with a haunting vibe as the singer speaks of living in a world with "fake friends with a camera phone" while missing home, but as the song unfurls it becomes an emotional powder keg with the fuse being lit in the back half as Katz is able to unleash a bit of the turmoil burning inside.

Katz says of the track, “This song is very important to me. I’ve spent a lot of years of my life trying to understand certain qualities about myself. Why I constantly distance myself from the people I care about the most. Why interacting with my family feels so uncomfortable as an adult. Why the simplest acts of kindness or words of affirmation feel like impossible tasks that I’d rather just avoid. I’m an extremely empathetic person but I only show that side of myself to strangers because actual vulnerability is too… vulnerable. That insecurity is turning me into a selfish, lonely person that I don’t want to be."

He continues, "It’s a lot easier to play the victim and blame other people, stress, childhood trauma etc. rather than just admit I’m responsible for it. I’m the one that owes the apologies. I let it get this bad. I still don’t know exactly how to fix it, all I know how to do is articulate the way it feels through music. For now… Its gonna be impossible for me NOT to confront it now that the song is out for my whole family to hear. Which is terrifying, but it’s what needs to happen. I’m fucking 30, I have deal with my shit eventually."

The vocalist shares, "I hope the song helps someone else with similar issues on either end. As a way to start the conversation or even just inspire people to be a little more mindful of the people we love and who love us. Especially now in these insanely divided times. We could all use a reminder. Families and friendships are SO important."

Coinciding with the song release is a pretty powerful video with Katz watching video of home movies, withdrawn in bodily posture until being able to unleash his inner frustrations toward the end of the clip. Watch the video below and check out the lyrics as well.

Badflower, "Family" Lyrics

Tastes bitter on a guilty tongue
It’s hard to see I’m the chosen one
Fake friends with a camera phone
Ugly, drunk, cold and missing home

This home of mine, I see it in my dreams
Where everyone looks happy
And everyone still likes me
This home of mine, I miss it all the time
What happened to this family?
What happened to this family?
(Have I let you down?)

Texts, calls, hugs, birthday cards
Being thoughtful can be so hard
First 15 years I’m the favorite son
Last 15 years I’m the hated one

This heart of mine, gets blacker all the time
Affection makes me nauseous
Believe me I don't want this
I hurt my blood tonight
I made my sisters cry
I never say I love you
Even though I want to

I’m just my father’s son
My mother’s kid
A shitty brother
I’m nobody’s friend

This is all my fault
I only make you cry
I don’t deserve this family
(You’re better off without me)

‘Cause I let you down
And I lost my fucking mind
Then everything got messy
And everyone got angry

I cursed my blood tonight
It happens all the time
Is everyone against me
Has everyone goddamned me?

What happened to this family?
What happened to this family?
What happened to this family?
What happened to this family?

Don't hate me
Don’t hate me
Don’t let me drown

I hate goodbyes, so cringey I could die
We only say “I love you”
‘Cause that’s what we’re supposed to
And most families lie, but I meant it every time
Then treat you like you’re worthless
I never said I’m perfect

Badflower, "Family"

"Family" is featured on Badflower's forthcoming sophomore set, This Is How the World Ends, which is on track for a Sept. 24 release. You can pre-order the collection here and check out the artwork and track listing below.

Badflower, This Is How the World Ends Artwork + Track Listing

Big Machine
Big Machine

1. Adolescent Love
2. Fukboi
3. Family
4. Johnny Wants to Fight
5. Stalker
6. Everyone's an Asshole
7. She Knows
8. Only Love
9. Sasshole
10. Don't Hate Me
11. Tethered
12. Machine Gun
13. My Funeral

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