Bad Wolves and From Ashes to New were recently in town at Van Andel Arena with Five Finger Death Punch and Breaking Benjamin.

From Ashes to New kicked off the night with a solid set of music to start the night. A band in a similar vein of Linking Park with Danny Case doing vocals similar to Chester Bennington and Matt Bradberry doing vocals similar to Mike Shinoda. FATN actually covered Linkin' Park's Heavy and Papercut near the end of their set.

Also near the end of their set members of Bad Wolves joined FATN on stage while Ashes guitarist Lance Dowdle crowd surfed in a plastic ball.

Bad Wolves soon took the stage and even though singer Tommy Vext had a cold you couldn't tell during his vocal performance or by the way he ran around the stage.

Bad Wolves are much heavier than their two singles Zombie and Hear Me Now. While some fans were shocked others were very pleased at the intensity of the band.

Bad Wolves opened their set with Officer Down, the opening track from their album Disobey and proceeded to hammer away at the audience. The fourth song they played, Remember When, I wouldn't be surprised if that will be the follow up single to Hear Me Now.

Bad Wolves finished off their set with Zombie and had no trouble getting the entire arena on vocals to close out the set.

From Ashes To New & Bad Wolves




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