"Last Week Tonight" is on break until 2016, but John Oliver showed up on YouTube just in time to get us out of those pesky New Year's plans.

What's so bad about going out on New Year's Eve?

In my experience, it's just never as awesome as you intend it to be. You spend a ton of money, get all dressed up, and then get in a fight with your friends/ get stranded/ lose your shoes/ fall down/ any combination of these and other awful things.

As Oliver puts it, the night combines three of the least pleasant things known to mankind:

1. Forced social interaction

2. Being drunk, cold, and tired

3. Having to stare at Ryan Seacrest for five solid minutes waiting for him to tell you what the time is.

Yeah. Ugh. To avoid all that, try some of Oliver's excellent excuses.

If you do end up going out for NYE, good luck.

And no matter what you're doing, tune into GRD for our all request New Year's show.