Wednesday night, September 14th, Avenged Sevenfold returned to Grand Rapids for a huge show with Volbeat, Killswitch Engage, and Avatar. People packed into the Van Andel expecting a good show, but we all got a great show from all four bands!

A7X stripped down the stage setup for this tour, bringing a clean and open show to the Van Andel, but they couldn't not bring fire. I mean, come on, what would a metal show be without fire?

There was a lot to take in throughout the night, as they covered a lot of ground from their career. From super early songs, all the way through to stuff from Hail to the King, the band played it all.

They even kept the Grand Rapids tradition for A7X, and wore silly wigs at the end of the show. M Shadows offered his to the crowd after, and made the guy in the crowd promise to wear the wig out to a bar after the show!

It was a great show, and everyone is still a little deaf from it...we're moving a little slow from the night.