Avatar is a great Swedish metal band, and they're starting to break through here in the US with their latest album, Feathers and Flesh, and their single, "The Eagle Has Landed". They are on tour with Avenged Sevenfold, Volbeat, and Killswitch Engage, and hit the Van Andel Arena on September 14th for a great show!

Hailing from Gothenburg, these guys have a fun presentation, with the circus visuals, and some killer music.

The new album is a concept album, about the Owl who rules the night refusing to give up his dominance to the Eagle who rules the day. He doesn't want to lose his power, so he plans to kill the Eagle, and prevent the coming of day.

Cool story, and lots of people call for "The Eagle Has Landed", which is the second track on the album, introducing the Eagle character.

Check out the videos, and make sure to catch them the next time they're in town!