40 years ago this week, The Police, who had just released their Ghost In The Machine album, let loose with a high energy concert at Castle Farms in Charlevoix.

The Police Were On The Verge Of Superstardom When They Came To Michigan

The trio, who made a lot of music for having just three guys, hit the stage up north in Charlevoix on August 15, 1982, and threw up a raucous 82 minute set featuring new songs from their soon to be platinum album, Ghost In The Machine, as well as songs that have since become standards like 'Roxanne' and 'Dee Doo Doo Doo'.

Sting Singing
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Opening for the reggae influenced Police were the similarly syncopated The English Beat and Oingo Boingo, the band fronted by now movie music legend Danny Elfman, who would go on to score such famous films as The Nightmare Before Christmas and Mission Impossible.

The English Beat, meanwhile, featured guitarist Andy Cox, who would go on to form the band Fine Young Cannibals in the late '80s.

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The Show Was Nearly Packed On A Beautiful Northern Michigan Night

The show sold well, with attendance for the cloudy night at 13,880 for the 15,000 person venue along Lake Charlevoix.

Some of the memories concert goers left in the comment section on YouTube include anon B B's memory of a beautiful man she saw at the show, and is still looking for:

I had just turned 16. One of my first concerts. I lived in Charlevoix until I was 12, still visited there in the summer every year. Went to this Police concert with a guy who asked me out - my first date. When the show was over, I was lost and waiting for him to get the car and find me, I stood next to a guy who was also lost and waiting for his ride. We were there together for what seemed like forever. He was the most handsome guy I had ever seen in my life. When my ride finally showed up, I awkwardly said "You are the best-looking guy I've ever seen in my life," and shyly ran away. Remember, I was just a kid. He looked astonished. I never saw him again. Handsome guy, if you remember me, reply to this post. I have always wondered who you were.

Sandy, meanwhile, says it was different from other Castle shows:

One of the finest nights at the Castle. Beauty night, no fights and all with their arms up in the air ,swaying in unison. Still have the Tee.  Well my daughter does. I wanna go back!

Castle Farms Was One Of The State's Premier Outdoor Venues In 1982

Castle Farms was in the midst of it halcyon years of being one of the state's premier outdoor venues. Other rockers who graced the Castle stage in 1982 included Ozzy Osbourne, Rick Springfield and Blue Oyster Cult.

The Police
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John Mellencamp played the Castle in 1982 as an opener for Heart. What a 1-2 punch that must have been.

So let's relive that night back 40 years ago when the wide open '80s music scene, fired by the recent emergence of MTV, was on the edge of busting out. Here's the setlist, and the entire show can be heard below.

The Police Setlist Castle Farms Music Theater, Charlevoix, MI, USA 1982, Ghost In The Machine


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