After receiving nearly 300 complaints about a chain of West Michigan Fitness centers, Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette has filed a lawsuit against them, FOX 17 reports.

A class action lawsuit against Family Fitness has been filed in Kent County Circuit Court.

The complaint seeks to hold the chain responsible for practices that Schuette says violate the Consumer Protection Act. It also seeks monetary compensation on behalf of customers.

In a release sent out Tuesday, Schuette previously warned the company about their practices, and told them that they should cease and desist immediately. The did not heed his warning.

Schuette is hoping to get Family Fitness to change their ways, get money back for those who have overpaid, and also make sure that the credit reports of some consumers no longer reflect any debt they supposedly owe to Family Fitness.

These entities have been taking advantage of the hard-working people in West Michigan, and it’s time for that to stop. It is my hope that we can reform Family Fitness’ business practices, and get some money back in the pockets of many consumers.

We will also ask the Court to make sure the credit reports of Michigan consumers no longer show debts arising from unlawful conduct by these fitness clubs.

Family Fitness operates 14 different fitness centers across West Michigan.


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