With temperatures set to flirt with 90 again this weekend, Consumers Energy is reminding customers they will be implementing its summer peak rates beginning today, and that means West Michigan customers of the power provider will be paying higher rates.

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The good news for most households is that the summer rate is only expected to average about a $2 increase for most electric bills. If you're still looking to save some money, Consumers has numerous programs available including Peak Time Rewards, Clean Energy, Programs, Smart Thermostat Programs, Energy Efficiency Tips, and Money Saving Rebates. To find out more about those programs Tap Here.

In a note this morning reminding customers of the change, Consumer's Energy reminds users they have ways they can still save:

With the pricing structure under Summer Peak Rate, electricity costs 33% less most of the day. That means you can save money by shifting your use outside the peak hours of Monday through Friday, June 1 – Sept. 30, from 2 – 7 p.m. If you’re able, we encourage you to choose when you use electricity. Reducing your use during on-peak hours or shifting your use to mornings, nights and weekends could lower your summer energy bills.

The program is meant to encourage 'off peak' usage times to help maintain consistent availability of power to all of Consumer's customers. When temperatures rise in the summer, so does power usage, so they're hoping residential customers will take advantage of "off peak' rates.

For more information on how you can lower your bill and find out if your home is included in the program, you can call Consumers Energy's Michigan-based team of representatives you can call them at 800-477-5050.

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