This week's GRD Office Invasion took me to Arts in Motion in East town, where Jodie and the staff help disabled people learn art, and enjoy the day doing different things, like dance, painting, and more. Very cool place.

Jodie got signed up for an Office Invasion, and I got to deliver Little Caesars pizza, breadsticks, Cinnamon Loaded Crazy Bits, pop, and some GRD goodies for lunch!

They do good things at Arts in Motion, and everyone there seems to be having a good time. There are a lot of great programs to help people with any disability be creative.

"At Arts in Motion, there is a place for everyone. Courses are available for all ages, developmental levels and challenges. Special day camps and additional classes are available in summer."

via Arts in Motion

This is a great non-profit organization, and if you want to help out, you can volunteer or donate. It would be a good thing to do.

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