ArtPrize is going big for 2021 and allowing you decide which artists will be earing the prize money for their art.

With the past year that we all have endured, ArtPrize 2021 stands to be one of the best years to date and a lot of people are getting excited.

People getting vaccinated and the pandemic restrictions are playing right into ArtPrize and them having a great event.

According to WOOD, ArtPrize has decided to change how prizes for the artists will be awarded this year. So the prize money ($250,000) will be distributed differently for this year's event.

There is now a prize pool of $150,000 that artists have a chance to win based on the fans votes.

The other $100,000 will get split up. The big one is the grand prize from the event where one artist will win $50,000. The other $50,000 will be awarded to the runners up.

A spokesperson from ArtPrize said at a later date it will be announced how the public will be in control of which artists get a piece of the $150,000.

Spreading the money around will help attract more artists since there is a better chance of some sort of payout. Hopefully by reducing the top prize money it won't deter bigger artists from being a part of ArtPrize.

If you are an aspiring artist and want to get into ArtPrize, you better hurry because you have until Thursday to yourself registered. If you know anyone you think should enter please spread the word.

This years ArtPrize will happen from September 16 to October 3.

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