ArtPrize 2021 kicks off on Thursday, and how the general public is going to vote is going to look a little bit different than years past.

There is no ArtPrize app for voting this year, instead they will be encouraging ArtPrize patrons to "Explore. Scan. Find. Award."  Instead of the app we have had in years past, this year there will be QR codes on venue signs, event guides, and every kiosk.

When you scan the QR codes, you will be awarded a "prize" that you can then award to an artist.  The prizes can either be monetary or non-monetary and once you've found one, you can pass it on to an artist.  The monetary prizes range between $250 and $1,500 and can be awarded to any artist you want.  The non-monetary prizes are awards like “You Gotta See It Twice Prize,” “Monochromatic Masterpiece Prize,” or the “Crazy Realistic Prize.”  Those prizes can be awarded to artists and can increase their chances of winning the grand prize of $50,000.

ArtPrize made a video that explains the general idea behind the new "Explore. Scan. Find. Award." concept, which you can check out below.  Or, if reading is more your jam, you can head over to and read all about there.

ArtPrize hopes that this new way to interact with the art around town will be more engaging and enjoyable for patrons than in years past.  Personally, this sounds like an extremely fun way to interact with festival and its artists.  Plus, this seems like a really fun thing to do with your kids.

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