Some longtime Art Van Furniture customers feel they got the shaft on their final purchase this past weekend.

According to WOOD-TV, Art Van Furniture has closed its doors but perhaps they did it one day earlier than they had told their customers and many feel ripped off.

A shopper by the name of Kirstin Gucinski told WOOD-TV, "I feel screwed, screwed by them yesterday. I'm seriously disappointed with them."

Like many others, Gucinski was at the liquidation sale on Saturday and bought a bookcase. She claims that she was told after paying for it that she would need to do the delivery and also needed to bring somebody with her to haul it because they had nobody there to lift.

Gucinski got her son to help her, she rented a U-Haul, then drove from Holland to pick up her bookcase and the building was empty. Even after the sign that was on the door said open noon to 5 p.m. Sunday.

Another customer, Pat Vandermeulen wanted to replace a faulty mattress she recently purchased and when she got to the counter, she found out she lost everything she paid for, including the 10 year warranty.

The really sad part is Vandermeulen paid for her purchase in cash which amounted to $2,000.

Employees who chimed in anonymously told WOOD-TV that they feel bad for the way the customers have been treated but say they have no control over any of the messes created by Art Van corporate.

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