Monday night there was an armed robbery at a marijuana dispensary in Newaygo County.

I hope this isn't the beginning of a new trend because I live not too far from three of these dispensaries in Newaygo County, but I had a feeling at some point someone would try robbing a dispensary.

According to WOOD, authorities arrested one suspect and are searching for another in connection to an armed robbery at a marijuana dispensary in Newaygo County.

Its not secret that there is plenty of marijuana at dispensaries all over the state of Michigan and most have lots of cash money on hand since this is a cash business.

From videos I've seen and what I've been told by those who frequent the dispensaries, most have high security usually with an armed guard and even limiting how many people who can be inside at once as well.

To get in, most places require your drivers license to enter and they sometimes hold them until you are done shopping and check out. Giving them a chance to have record of you plus these places all have video surveillance. It seems some of the more rural locations have a little less security leaving opportunity for thieves to come in and steal the marijuana and cash.

A call came into the Newaygo County Sheriff's Office around 8:30 p.m. Monday to report an armed robbery at a marijuana dispensary but the sheriff's department are not saying which location the robbery took place. Just that it is located south of Hesperia.

There were two suspects that employees said held them at gun point and even tied up the victims with zip-ties. Obviously this was a planned operation. The pair managed to get away with a substantial amount of marijuana. The suspects were driving a red Dodge Charger.

Police in Three Rivers, Michigan, pulled over a vehicle that matched the description. They were able to arrest one of the suspects, but the other took off on foot and police are still trying to locate the suspect.

Police did say that both suspects were from northern Indiana. They did find the stolen marijuana inside the red Dodge Charger that was pulled over.

Hopefully this is an isolated incident but for now, the police will continue to search for the other suspect.


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