We are getting closer to when kids would normally return to school, so are you ready to send your kids back yet?

The summer is moving way to quickly and soon I will be buying school clothes and supplies for my son, but I'm not ready to send him back to school yet.

I have not heard one single plan yet from my son's school on how all this will work. I know this pandemic is new to this generation but we are getting down to the wire and parents need to know what is going on.

I'm lucky in the fact that my son lives with his mom who works from home, but it is difficult for her to work when she has to make sure he is doing his work.

I hear a lot of politicians saying get those kids back in school, but I'm not hearing the plan of how are kids will be protected as well as their teachers.

I have not heard if the bus system will be operating, will the kids start early, will they go part of the week in smaller groups, will they be doing everything online or part of their classes online? Nothing when it comes to preparing for this.

I know it's important for in-person learning and for kids to socialize with other kids, but I only know what my son's mom and I have done to protect our son. I have no idea what others are doing in their homes but what concerns me is, I see enough adults with their kids walking around and none of them are wearing masks or social distancing.

I live in an area where others go to vacation and drive by a beach every day on the way to and from work and no one seems to be social distancing or wearing masks while in groups.

I see the same thing in downtown Grand Rapids. I can look out my office window and spot ten people at any given time and maybe one will have a mask on.

Local governments and schools have had plenty of time to lay out the plan and still nothing.

Parents who still have jobs have to work and it's important that we know if our child is going to attend school that there are some plans in place so they can attend school safely.

School is essential and important to all children and this country's future, but more important than that is that children be able to attend school in the safest environment possible and not just for the children but their teachers and faculty as well.

Hopefully soon we all get some answers instead of empty plans and notions from politicians who don't even believe in science.

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