Remember the days of grayling being in Michigan waters? Soon they will be back.

According to WZZM, there has been a plan in the works to bring back Arctic grayling to Michigan waters again.

Some grayling eggs were collected in Alaska and sent to Michigan State University to be stored. Now the young grayling will head to the Oden State Fish Hatchery located in Emmet County, where the fish will be disinfected with a special ultraviolet light.

Once the grayling are the right size and have a clean bill of health the fish will then be moved to Marquette State Fish Hatchery to continue their maturing process before being released into Michigan waters.

At one time grayling were a prize catch but due to over fishing and logging the species died out. It would be great to see grayling make a healthy comeback for Michigan anglers once again enjoy.

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