This week started with some joy at seeing Architects among my Instafest lineup per my Spotify listening stats, but any hubris over their inclusion was quickly wiped out after seeing that one true Architects stan just streamed a singular Architects song over 32,000 times this year per their Spotify Wrapped stats.

It's true. A Twitter user with the handle roxy • 35 posted her outrageous Spotify Wrapped stats for the year that revealed that she spent 209,184 minutes listening to Architects this past year, which put her in the Top 0.0001 percent of listeners. Even more impressive, the song "Broken Cross" from the band's Lost Forever // Lost Together album led the way with 32,039 plays over the course of the year. To put that into perspective, Roxy streamed "Broken Cross" a total of 86.666 days on its own.

Speaking about the feat on Twitter, she offered, "January first 2022 i told myself i wanted my spotify wrapped to be funny and just outright ridiculous. safe to say i achieved it because what the actual fuck." When asked by another Twitter follower how she achieved such an accomplishment, she wrote back, "i’m LITERALLY 24/7 listening to music."

The feat also garnered the attention of the band, with Dan Searle sharing her post and commenting, "How can you possibly play one song 32,000 times in a year?" Meanwhile vocalist Sam Carter commented, "Jesus fucking Christ."

Roxy went on to share more of her stats, revealing that her Top 5 was rounded out by "Follow the Water," "Gravity," "Castles in the Air" and "The Distant Blue"

Congrats. We have a winner of Spotify Wrapped for 2022! Now take a listen to the Architects song that rocked Roxy's world through the past year in the player below.

Architects, "Broken Cross"

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