Weather was a factor in record numbers of apples in 2020. Weather has played a factor again regarding apples, but this time the numbers go the opposite way.

Just about every road leading out of Grand Rapids in any direction you will find a West Michigan apple farm. This year farmers are looking at a much lower harvest.

According to WOOD, Schweitzer Orchards operations manager Nick Schweitzer said, "some varieties didn't have much bloom, so that means there's a little lower amount of fruit as well as some frost that we had this spring that killed off some flowers and damaged some fruit."

Last year West Michigan apple farmers had record numbers of crops while farmers who grew other types of crops suffered. This year is seems to be the reverse. Apple trees are more affected by the those late frosts because if temperatures warm early the flowers begin to blossom early and frosts after the fact can damage them. Farmers who grow corn, soybeans and other types of crops are not usually affected by this since they plant their crops a little later in the season.

Grape farmers may have experiences something similar this year like the apple farmers.

I have a farmer lease my land to plant soybeans and corn and weather did great for his crops. I also have apples trees on my property and it is not looking good for the handful of trees I have.

Don't worry, when I say the farmers numbers are down there will still be plenty of apples for cider, pies and eating. You just may not have certain kinds of apples just won't be available once we get way into the winter months.

So depending on what type of apple a farmer grew on their land will determine the yield of apples they pick this season.

So if you like a variety of apples, you may want to stock up early this year.

They apple a day keeps the doctor away.

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