A recent Freedom Of Information request by the Michigan Advance has uncovered disgusting actions from anti-maskers and even allegations of aggravated assault with a motor vehicle.

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In one disturbing email, Kent County Health Department Director Dr. Adam London described how someone wished harm on the Doctor's family:

Last week, I had a person yell out to me, “Hey mother******, I hope someone abuses your kids and forces you to watch".

In another of the e-mails obtained in the FOIA request, Dr. London also claims that he was almost run off the road by a woman in an aggravated vehicular assault. That email was dated August 22nd and was sent to county commissioners:

I had a woman try to run me off the road at 70+ miles per hour…twice, on Friday night. I think we have all seen the aggression and violence displayed at meetings across the nation during the past week.

This was just days before a Kent County commissioners meeting that devolved from a discussion on student masking into a vocal minority of Kent County citizens taking aim at the Health Department with vaccine falsehoods, threats of 'World War 3', masking misinformation, and other idiocy.

At one point the crowd even took aim at a local teenager who tried to speak on behalf of her little sister wishing to attend school safely masked, the crowd loudly booed as she spoke.

Even as the Kent County Health Department found themselves under siege by the ignorant fringe, some politicians like Rep. Steven Johnson of Wayland, blithely stoked the fires of anger and distrust in the department:

Personally, I don't believe they have the authority to implement a mask mandate and should they try, I will refuse to follow their mandate and encourage others to disobey this overreach into people's lives.

In another note to commissioners Dr. London pleaded for help:

Others are calling me a traitor to our nation and liberty who must be stopped at all costs. Really? I’m the grandson of two WWII heroes, the son and step-son of men who served during Vietnam, and the brother of a soldier who served in Afghanistan. We proudly wave the flag at my house and in my office. Faith, Family and Country. I also believe it would be more helpful for the legislature to work on new laws which better protect rights and public health instead of attacking public servants.

The ugliness on display by anti-maskers at the Kent County Commissioners meeting on the 26th was even too much for YouTube, as a 'highlight' video was removed for inciting violence and promoting medical misinformation. Luckily that video has been mirrored on another site and is available below for all to see.

Note: The author is represented by Rep. Stephen Johnson (R-Wayland) and reached out for comment as a constituent and media member, at the time of this posting, Representative Johnson nor his office have responded.

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