Last week Jojo Girard posted his own Virtual Michigan Classic Car Show. And let me say, I was impressed. He had some great photos of Camaros, Riviera, 57 Chevy, VW Bugs, Dodge Dart, Trucks and more.

We won't likely get to see any cars in person for a while. We're probably months away from local car shows or possibly weeks away from Gilmore Car Museum opening up. We'll let you know when they do in another article.

So not to be outdone by Jojo, I have some great classic car photos of my own. Game on, Jojo...

Let's start with the Pony Car Wars between Ford started it all with the Mustang. Not to be outdone Chevy gets on board with the Camaro. Below are some great examples of Late 60's Camaros. We have RS which means Rally Sport. SS is Super Sport. And the one you want is both SS/RS. And there is also the Z/28 which you could also have the RS package that gives you disappearing headlights. The 69 Indy 500 Pace Car Edition is one of the most sought after today.

You see GT Mustangs today, but the one to have has always been a Shelby. My Mustang examples are two different years of the Shelby Mustang GT500. A Blue Hardtop and even rarer GT500KR convertible where the KR stands for King of The Road.

British Invasion - Jaguar E-Type Roadster. This is very close to the convertible featured in the movie "Cruel Intentions" only that one was black.

And finally some imports from Germany "Das Gut" 1st up is one of the rarest BMW Convertible of the late 50's called the 507. One of these just went for over Two Million Dollars at auction.

Then we have one of the most sought after collectibles. The Mercedes 300SL, the Roadster convertible is really pretty. But the one everyone dreams about the 300SL Gullwing. Keep dreaming the price of these Benz goes well into the $$$$ Millions.

Note if you're wondering. These photos were all taken by me at NY Auto Show at the Javits Center while I worked in New York.


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