Another sexual assault conviction at MSU and this one doesn't involve Larry Nassar.

According to WOOD, a Michigan State University former medical resident has been sentenced 5 to 15 years in prison for sexually assaulting two women at a university health center where he forced them to watch videos of him masturbating.

33-year-old Michael Phinn of Fowlerville was sentenced after pleading guilty to second degree criminal sexual conduct  in a Lansing court Wednesday.

Phinn actually said in court the he is "not a manipulator or a monster. He went on to blame how accessible pornography is. He also claimed he "misinterpreted months of flirtatious behavior."

At one point Phinn was looking at first degree criminal sexual conduct that carries a much harsher sentence but a plea deal was worked out to second degree if he plead guilty.

Phinn was an employee at the MSU Neurology Clinic at the time of the incidents. The women were not his patients either. He was charged a week after the women reported the incidents to police.

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