Here's another awkward example of why most judges statewide probably can't wait to open their courtrooms again. A man ordered to stay away from a victim is in the same house as her.

This Zoom court hearing took place in St. Joseph County where a man was facing a hearing about a domestic violence incident. Coby Harris was under a no-contact order forbidding him from seeing or being around the victim, who was also present at the Zoom hearing.

An alert prosecuting attorney, Deborah Davis, noticed some uneasiness in the victim, and told the judge she thought the man was in the same house as her, violating the court order.

"I'm concerned about her safety," she told District Judge Jeffrey Middleton of Sturgis.

Middleton then asked the man where he was, and demanded he prove it by going outside with his phone and showing him the house numbers.

Trying to outsmart the judge, the defendant went with the old, 'I would like to, but my battery is low,' routine, but the judge was not impressed.

Another alert party, a bailiff, contacted police officers, who then went to the home and found Harris on the premises, violating the order.

He is currently in county jail awaiting the next hearing, which will be directly in front of the judge.

I would tell you to watch it below, but the video was yanked by the court. Sorry.



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