The Ford Motor Company is recalling nearly 330,000 F-Series trucks all across North America and yours might be one of them.

According to WOOD, there are some problems with engine block heater cables that could cause a fire on your Ford truck.

Just a few months ago Ford had to recall nearly 900,000 trucks because cables could possibly catch fire.

That last problem may have led to the current problem but Ford is working with part suppliers to get in the new cables asap.

Ford spokeswoman Monique Brentley said, "We are advising people not to use their engine block heater cable." Not sure how you do that when your heater is either on or off.

If you have a F-150 during years 2015 through 2019 and this includes the Super Duty trucks from 2017 through need to take these bad boys in to get them fixed.

If you are good at wrenching on your vehicles, you can unhook the cable until you get the new one. If you unhook the cable, you just unhooked the fire problem.

Ford is already aware of a couple trucks in the U.S. and Canada that have experienced fires related to these cables. Unfortunately those trucks were ones that were inspected in the previous recall from December.

These heater cables are used for vehicles mainly sold in the northern U.S. and Canada to help anti-freeze and oil from freezing in extreme weather conditions.

Regardless of the recalls, the Ford F-Series pickup trucks are still the number one sell truck in the country.


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