Another turn has taken in the mystery around the burned car with a body found in the trunk in Muskegon County, where a second person at a third crime scene has been found dead.

According to WOOD, a man by the name of Antonio Wiggers, who also went by the nickname "Tone", was found dead at hotel near US-31 near Whitehall. Motel staff found the body Sunday morning when cleaning staff entered the room to clean it after checkout.

Police are not sure how Wiggers died yet.

Here is what the police do know about the two apparent homicides:

  • On Saturday a burned vehicle was found on a two track near Lakewood Club that had a body in the trunk. This body was found just five miles from the Motel Wiggers was found dead.
  • The body of victim found in the trunk of the car was burned so badly police have not been able to i.d. the victim.
  • The person the burned car belonged to lived on Walsh Road in Montague where a second crime scene was discovered.
  • Wiggers was also a resident at this very same home.
  • The owner of the burned vehicle has been found alive.

No arrests have been made as a trio of law enforcement work on the case that includes the Muskegon County Sheriff's Department, Montague Police and Michigan State Police.

If you or anyone you know as has any information regarding this case please contact the Muskegon Sheriff's Department at 231-724-6658.



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