If all goes well we may to get to see the return of  "The Osbournes" to TV.  Only this time the Prince of Darkness and his brood will be in animated form.  Word is, a 20 episode series called the "F'n Osbournes" is being shopped around to some potential buyers.

I can't imagine it'll be any less different than the MTV reality based series "The Osbournes" only animated. I know Family Guy does the guest appearances with Cleveland  from time to time to cross promote shows so I hope "The F'n Osbournes" do some guest "animated" appearances with other popular animated programs as well. Imagine cartoon Ozzy & Homer hanging out or the hijinks capers Brian the Dog from Family Guy and Jack Osbourne would get themselves into.  Wait, Jack Osbourne is older now and probably not as much a loser...never mind.

Acorrding to Deadline the stop-motion series would be executive produced by Sharon and Jack Osbourne, along with Cuppa Coffee founder and show creator Adam Shaheen. Cuppa Coffee’s credits include MTV’s Celebrity Death Match and Comedy Central’s Ugly Americans.