If you know me at all, you know I love to get outdoors for anything, but fishing and hunting are two of my favorite reasons to be outdoors.

I usually do a project then treat myself to a little fishing or do some hunting chores but this weekend I didn't do any projects other than enjoy the outdoors.

One of my best friends came to town for the weekend so we made plans to get out on the water and do some fishing.

Originally we had planned to go to Muskegon Lake to get on some summer walleye but we didn't want to have to fish at night so we changed plans and did some bluegill fishing in Newaygo County.

We went to one of my favorite lakes and fished pretty hard after only getting a couple hours of sleep after spending hours catching up.

We did manage to string up a nice batch of gills after a morning of fishing pretty darn hard. We would have brought two more gills home but a big snapping turtle decided he we eat two off the stringer.

We also caught a few decent bass that we released to catch another day. I even lost a pike that hit one of my bluegills as I was reeling it in.

After a good nap that went too long, we decided on skipping the evening fishing and just cook up some fish and catch up some more on our deer hunting plans.

We ate the bluegill we caught as an appetizer while we were frying up some potatoes from my parents' garden, then we put in the finale, some triggerfish that my buddy caught in the Gulf of Mexico and boy were they delicious.

When Sunday rolled around and we decided to do a trail camera run and see what has been moving around the property. This trail cam run proved to be much better than the one I did at the beginning of the month. Actually spotted two shootable deer for the season.

We also picked out some trees to put some treestands in seeing as how I have three more in the barn to hang. After we found the right trees, we then put two treestands together and it was much better having a friend help than put them together by myself.

Then after getting the stands ready for when I put them up in a couple weeks. My buddy fired up the grill while I was sifting through trail cam photos.

I did get one photo of a black bear finally. He was behind my barn and probably came in to the smell of the fish we fried outside the night before. We cooked a lot of fish I am sure a bear could smell from miles away.

So my buddy cooked up some deer burgers and we ate those while looking a deer and now a bear photo. So all in all, another outstanding weekend outdoors in the great state of Michigan.

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