Amazon has finally opened the new fulfillment center in Gaines Township, Michigan.

According to WOOD, the new Amazon facility is pretty massive at 855,000 square feet. The new employees kicked open the doors on Sunday for the first day on the job.

This Amazon hub will basically grab the item, pack it then ship it out to the customer.

There are some robots in the facility which Amazon had employees to autograph and I'm not sure why but they did.

There is still no word if the Amazon facility in Gaines will be offering the Amazon Prime Air drone delivery service.

The first rumblings of there being an Amazon hub began in March of 2018. $150 million later plus 1000 employees and here we are with it up and running.

If you are looking for a job, Amazon has not filled all the positions yet and offer at $15 per hour wage, plus health care on the first day employed. Amazon offers 401(k) with a 50 percent match. Even up to 20 weeks paid parental leave. They also offer something really special for those seeking a higher education, 95% tuition for coursed in high demand fields like nursing, game design, IT and radiology. If you are looking to jump on this opportunity apply here online.

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