He was the only house Republican to publicly support the Congressional House of Representatives impeachment of President Trump. He is our district representative in Congress and gained national attention because of his opposition to the President. But, even though many were floating the idea of him running for President as an independent, Justin Amash has decided it's not a good idea.

Thus, Justin Amash will not run as a third party candidate for President of the United States.

Fox17 and CNN Wire reported  Amash tweeted Saturday that after a lot of soul searching, this was not the time, even though just a month ago he expressed interest in the idea.

Quoting Amash in thanking his supporters, "I’ve been speaking directly to delegates about this opportunity for only a short time, but these conversations have solidified my belief that the Libertarian Party is well positioned to become a major and consistent contender to win elections at all levels of government."

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