It's that time of year for some holiday cheer and my girl Ashlie had the perfect themed out photo shoot for this holiday season! Here's a note from Ashlie and her latest photos!

It's that time of year again, and to get into the holiday spirit, I dressed up as Ms. Claus for a photo shoot I had recently, while trying to look sexy!. It was a little tougher to get into the X-Mas spirit this year as I never got around to getting a tree, I never hung pretty lights, and I didn't bake any delicious cookies like I do every year because of a hectic schedule. This particular photo shoot was more nerve-wracking than usual because all of us girls didn't have a place to shoot due to plans falling through. After a while of pestering people for shooting space, our original plan was a success, and we all shot at this gorgeous house in Rockford. I absolutely adore shooting whenever I get the chance, so why not bring out the sexiness in holiday costumes? Happy X-Mas everyone!

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