Ally emailed me today and had a hell of a story!

My friend Heather is a photographer. Every now and then we'll be hanging out and one of us will say "I'm bored" to which the other will reply, "Well what do you wanna do?!" On this cold snowy day in December, (Yes it's hard to believe that it actually used to snow in the winter) We decided to pick up her camera and do a shoot in the snow. Heather suggested that I should be wearing something that you wouldn't normally wear when it's cold outside. I picked up a vintage dress that I never wear anymore, threw on my boots and we ventured out to my backyard. If you walk further past my backyard there's an alley way that cars can't pass through, so when there's lots of snow on the ground it goes a long time being untouched. We took a few random shots in the snow, some artistic ones featuring footsteps and whatnot, and eventually we thought that even this activity was becoming boring. So we went back into the house where Heather insisted that we should go back outside but make me look crazy and disheveled because it would make the pictures even stranger. I figured we had nothing else better to do so that's what we did. We went outside once again, but this time I decided I wasn't going to wear my boots, this time I would brave the cold and like a good model, I'd be committed to working against the elements. The snow was very cold on my feet so I hopped onto a fence and did a few poses. I was on top of the world until I realized my dress had gotten caught on the fence. When I tried to set myself free from the clutches of the fence, the dress ripped sending me crashing into the snow, to make matters worse I wasn't wearing anything underneath except a bra and panties. The cold snow was too much to bear so I ran back to the house to warm up but my roommates had locked the door. I ran to the front of the house and I discovered that it was locked as well. Needless to say I always keep my keys on me just in case I get locked out of my house again.

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