The Alpine Manor nursing home killer has been released on parole by a Kent County judge.

According to WOOD, 57-year-old convicted killer, Catherine Wood, has served 30 of her 40 year sentence but will soon be back on the street.

Wood is currently in a federal prison in Florida but not clear when the exact date of her release will be.

Circuit Judge J. Joseph Rossi said, "for Ms. Wood's part, she has maintained her good behavior and composure, despite the legal process keeping her in limbo for over a year. She has conducted herself appropriately during court appearances, giving further credence to the (parole) board's recommendation."

Families of Woods Victims claim she will kill again and working the system and faking remorse.

Wood along with Gwen Graham were both nurse's aides back in the 80s when they were convicted of suffocating five elderly patients.

The parole board has previously denied Wood's release 8 times.

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