If you or someone you love was a patient at Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital, you your personal information may have been compromised.

Wolverine Services Group (WSG), a medical billing company, discovered that their systems were hacked and infected with malware. They state in the news release that it happened around September 25, 2018.

The malware encrypted many of WSG’s records, which made them inaccessible, in an effort to extort money from us. This is commonly referred to as “ransomware.”

WSG says the records were encrypted but information that may have been stolen include name, SSN#, insurance info, and medical info. They have given all individuals AllClear ID protect their identity which can be used within the next 12 months

This hack affected 4,755 patients at Mary Free Bed Hospital. They have already begun to send out letters to take the necessary steps to protect themselves. According to FOX 17 Mary Free Bed is no longer using WSG's services.

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