Well if you thought alligators were just a Florida thing, think again. In Hanover Township Michigan a small alligator was located in someones backyard.

According to MLive, a 3 foot alligator was discovered to be tangled in some fishing nets Thursday, June 27 in a backyard in the 12000 block of Rountree Road.

The Jackson County Sheriff was called in to help with the alligator which they took to the Jackson County Animal Shelter after untangling the reptile.

If you are thinking you would like that gator for a pet, its not happening since they are taking the it to the Critchlow Alligator Sanctuary.

This is the second alligator that has made it to the Jackson County Animal Shelter, 6 years ago, another gator was brought in.

There is no word on if the the alligator was someone's pet that got away or if someone just let it loose in the wild.

Earlier this week another alligator made the news when a 21-year-old alligator named Wally was struck and killed by a car in Delta Township Michigan.

If this continues...we may have to call in the Swamp People!

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