Nita Strauss has made a name for herself as a great guitar player and shredder, playing for the Iron Maidens, and most recently for Alice Cooper. You'll get to see some of her playing on October 13th when you go to the Motley Crue and Alice Cooper show at the Van Andel.

Nita is a huge fan of Jason Becker, and her boyfriend/manager tricked her into playing a Jason Becker song for her hero!

A few months ago, her boyfriend began the scam, telling her she'd gotten an audition to be the face for a new guitar app, and she needed to learn 'Perpetual Burn' for the audition. So Nita began to practice the song for the audition.

In the video, you see some of the practice, and then her in the car on the way to the audition. When they pull up in front of a house, you can see her figure out what's going on, and she freaks out a little bit. It's actually totally adorable.

We even get to see her in the house, meeting Jason, and getting to play the song on one of his guitars! Talk about nerve-wracking! I'm not sure many people could get through it.

Jason's mom even tells Nita that most people absolutely refuse to play in front of Jason!

In case you don't know, Jason Becker was a phenom guitar player, and was on his way to conquering the world when he was diagnosed with ALS. He's outlived all the timelines the doctors have given him, and he's still composing music! Find out more about Jason and his story.

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