He’s quite the character onstage, but Alice Cooper is about to get animated in order to appear on the Disney Channel’s Mickey and the Roadster Racers.

According to EW.com, Cooper will appear as a character named Alistair Coop de Ville, an old friend of Goofy’s uncle. Being part of the family suits Cooper just fine, who admits he’s “a huge Goofy fan.”

“It’s so funny that they have a snake coming out of my top hat — the two things that Alice is known for,” says Cooper. “And it’s a non-threatening character. Generally when I play parts in movies or TV, I’m always the villain. It’s kind of nice to not be the villain for once.”

The episode is titled Goof Quest, and it will air at 8AM ET on Friday, July 5 on the Disney Channel. This episode finds Goofy, his Uncle Goof and Donald joining forces with Alistair to search for a legendary treasure in the jungles of Peru. Watch a preview of the episode with Cooper’s character below.

Meanwhile, Cooper will bring his theatric stage show to audiences across North America starting next month. See all his tour dates here.

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