Here's one you don't see everyday...a plane, landing on M-37.

According to WOOD, M-37 in Sparta is usually used by cars, trucks and semi's but on Thursday a plane found a good use for it after the engine shut off and had to make an emergency landing.

The engine of the plane shut off during a flying lesson and thanks to a calm quick thinking flight instructor, landed safely for the pilot and the student.

Flight instructor, Steven Chanter, said that he and his student were on their way back to Fremont during a lesson. Chanter said, "It made some noises, it ran really rough and then it quit."

Chanter also said, "I looked at the oil pressure gauge and it was sitting at zero". The student who happens to be a freshman in college, was flying the plane when it lost oil pressure.

Chanter then went on to say, "As soon as the engine stopped he said to me, Ok, it's your plane to fly."

Chanter said the plane was about 1.5 miles from Sparta Miller Airport and they were deciding if they could make it or not but when the engine shut off the decision was to land on M-37.

A witness by the name of Bill Funk said, "I knew what was going to happen, I just didn't know if he was going to land it or crash it."

Luckily for the pilot there was hardly no traffic on that stretch of highway but there were some traffic lights and powerlines that Chanter had to guide the plane through safely.

Chanter said, "Fortunately, there was only one car that was at the intersection that was in the left lane and I was able to go by him in the right lane. Truly God's watching over us today that we had a clear intersection."


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