One week after armed protesters enter the Michigan Capitol building in Lansing, state Rep. Sarah Anthony gets an armed escort to her job.

According to WOOD, State Rep.Sarah Anthony said, "it did bring some comfort just to know that folks out there have my back. There was something that triggered extreme fear in myself, as a woman, as an African American woman just as a legislator."

Anthony was referring to when the armed protesters entering the capitol building in Lansing while protesting against Governor Whitmer extending the stay at home order.

The armed protest rocked both sides of the isle since normally the only guns in the capitol are usually carried by security that protect the building and staff.

The armed protesters that escorted Anthony were also African American and a much smaller group than the previous group of protesters.

WOOD-TV reported that protester Michale Lynn Jr. said, "we came together and decided we need to do something about that." They are supporting that lawmakers put a stop to people bringing guns inside our state's capitol.

Lynn Jr. said, "it can only be used for one thing, intimidation. What else are you carrying a gun in there for?"

Meanwhile the state legislation will be working on an updated law that will stop guns from being carried into state buildings.

I wonder what would happen if both groups of protesters showed up at the capitol armed? Hopefully we never find out.

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