We've all been there. Here are some ways to get out.

The YouTube channel sexplanatations has posted this video offering a slew of ways to survive a breakup. These are actual legit, well researched methods and not the "go find a stranger who looks just like your ex and nail her" advice that your friend who hasn't been on a date since the second Bush was in office passes along.

Getting over a breakup is never easy, so these tips may come in handy. However, when you're down in the dumps because a relationship has ended, things like "environmental trickery," "repeating the mantra" and "start writing" may sound like hooey and a ludicrous alternative to more tried-and-true methods, like drinking excessively, eating nothing but Chinese takeout and no longer showering and shaving because you're too busy crying under your sheets 23 hours a day.

What do you think? Do any of these insights sound good or are they all bogus? And what's your best advice for getting over a breakup?

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