OK, remember when the mega millions jackpot was at $1.05 billion and somebody from Michigan one.? Well we now know because they just claimed their prize after nearly 2 months that four people actually won the jackpot.

WOODTV reports that the four people are part of a suburban Detroit lottery club and they’ve decided to take the one-time payout which equals $776 million before taxes. After the government takes their share, they’ll have $557 million to split among the four of them. We'll also never know the names of those winners unless somehow they let it slip, because they were part of an Oakland County lottery club which is called Wolverine FLL Club, and had the winning ticket purchased through that club.

That’s $139.325 million per person. Can you imagine the life changes you could have?  Also how hard it would be to stay anonymous with that much money?

WOODTV says that the group’s attorney told lotto officials that the winners want to make sure they “pay it forward through charitable giving” throughout southeastern Michigan, so they’re able to stay humble.

In case you're trying to remember when the drawing was, it was January 22nd.  Technically waiting almost two months means the winners more than likely did what a lot of experts say you should do, which is set up your new wealthy life before you claim the winnings to you start out your new life protected from the new notoriety.

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