Former KISS guitarist Ace Frehley referenced a popular satanic conspiracy about the Astroworld concert disaster in a recent Facebook post.

In a post last Friday (Nov. 12), Ace shared a pic of a what looks to be him wearing a red sock with "NOT TODAY SATAN" printed on it (see below) accompanied by this text:

"On tour w/Monique & Lara…In regard to what happened in Houston TX…Our prayers go out to all the families who lost loved ones at the concert!…Seems like it was a “Satanic Ritual” gone very wrong! They’ll Be Hell To Pay!!! For everyone who let those kids die! …All people of every faith & religion should band together to stop this from ever happening again in America …God Bless!!!"

TikTok has been awash in videos promoting Astroworld was a satanic ritual put on by headliner Travis Scott.  These videos are "proofed" with shots of the alleged satanic symbolism in Scott's stage design and on the concert grounds, and littered with wild "666" calendar math about Scott and Kris Jenner's birthdays (Scott dates and shares a child with Jenner's daughter Kylie Jenner.)

Some of these videos include the hashtag #SaveTheChildren, a QAnon conspiracy theory associated with #PizzaGate, that incorrectly proposes politicians and Hollywood big shots are running a child sex trafficking ring that harvests children's blood to sacrifice to Satan.

Obviously, this is bananas.

The (now) 10 deaths that occurred either at or after the festival were because of the stampede.  Police and fire officials said a massive crowd started surging toward the stage around 9PM leaving some panicked, struggling to breathe or underfoot, after they fell. A criminal investigation is underway.

Tiktok has removed some of the Satanic/Astroworld conspiracy videos, but many remain, and posts about the subject are rapidly spreading on other social media (a la Ace.)

More rationally, many other artists have including have shared messages of promoting crowd safety and ways to help people when a crowd gets out of control during a show.

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