KISS legend Ace Frehley has released another covers album, Origins Vol. 2. Along with his newest record, Ace spoke to us about never wanting to perform on another Kiss Kruise, the times Gene Simmons saved his life, not being invited on KISS’ farewell tour in part because of his ex-girlfriend and more.

Frehley last performed on a KISS Kruise in 2019, even playing a short acoustic set with KISS on the ship in 2018. However, Frehley says he’ll never board the ship again because of the way he was treated. “They actually paid me $15,000 not to do a Q&A," Ace reveals. "What are they afraid that I’m gonna say? I did [the cruise], pretty much, for the money and the fans. Would I ever do another Kiss Kruise? No. I just didn’t like the way I was treated. I did that first set with the guys and then I never heard from them again.”

As for KISS’ "End of the Road" tour, Frehley is still surprised he hasn’t gotten a phone call to join the string of dates. “One of the major reasons I wasn’t invited on the tour was my old girlfriend, who they didn’t really enjoy being around. Supposedly she accused Gene of sexual misconduct. She’s got some stupid videos on YouTube, but I think most of them have been taken down. [The accusations are] completely false and made up. I signed a legal document stating that I didn’t witness anything. I think she was just trying to extract money from Paul and Gene.”

As for Frehley’s friendship with Gene Simmons, the guitarist credits KISS’ demon with saving his life multiple times. “A couple of times I drank too much, got in a pool and he saved my life. Once I fell asleep in a bathtub because I took too many Valiums. The water was up to my mouth and I was ready to drown, then Gene came breaking in through the fucking door with the manager and pulled me out of the bathtub, naked. He saved my life.”

Watch our revealing interview with Ace Frehley below and click here to grab a copy of Origins Vol. 2.

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