Black metal legend and former Immortal frontman Abbath cut a Buenos Aires show short after two songs last night (Nov. 13). Abbath was reportedly too drunk to perform, attempting to start “Count the Dead” three times before throwing down his guitar and jumping into the crowd.

Ridiculousness and Abbath go together like churches and gasoline, but Argentinian fans weren’t happy with the musician after his disastrous performance. According to El Culto, the show was inexplicably delayed by two hours, forcing the opening bands to play sets lasting just several minutes each.

Guitarist Ole Andre Farstad was absent from the stage once Abbath finally began their set. Various fans report in YouTube comments sections that the guitarist had an argument with Abbath before the show, causing Farstad to quit the group.

After being awkwardly crowd surfed, Abbath returned to the stage and began playing “Tyrants.” However, Abbath gave up on the some part-way through, throwing his guitar into the crowd and walking off stage. The frontman didn’t return from his dressing room, leaving fans furious and demanding refunds.

“Several violent events” reportedly took place after the show, with concertgoers being tackled by Buenos Aires police. One fan’s video shows altercations between metalheads and cops, with groups of attendees being pinned to the ground and handcuffed. (via Blabbermouth / Metalsucks)

Abbath were scheduled to perform tonight at Comodoro Rivadavia’s Patagonia Metal-Fest, but the festival’s promoter announced Abbath’s cancelation:

Abbath released a statement via Facebook earlier today (Nov. 14) announcing he's canceling his current South American tour:

It is with heavy heart that we have to announce the cancellation of the remainder of the Abbath South American Outstrider tour. Due to health issues that need to be treated, we are unable to complete the last shows in Argentina and Brazil. We deeply apologize to all of our fans that wanted to come and see us, to the local promoters, and to Matrix Entertainment who has worked tirelessly in order to make this tour happen. We hope we can make it up to all you some day. We are very sorry.

Watch fan-shot footage from the show-gone-wrong above.

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