This Father's Day weekend was extra special for me, one I got to spend it with my son, but also it was the weekend the older brother picked up his first car.

I have been a part of my son's older brother's life since he was four years old and have always treated him like he was my very own son and will forever.

He graduated this year and is getting ready to begin his next journey in college so it was time to help get him a car.

I have the best brother in law possible and he happens to work in the car business and knows how to find a great car and that is exactly what he did.

Family and friends along with myself chipped in to help my son get a decent car so he can drive to school and work for his graduation present.

Well my brother in law found that perfect car that had been kept in a garage and was driven by the little old lady once a week to go to the store. The Buick is still in like new condition after all these years inside and out and should do the young man great while going to school.

The car was delivered to my house on Saturday by my brother in laws friend who owns a cabin not far from me (how convenient).

Then in between trips to the Hardy Pond with my young son, the older brother popped up to get his car and sign the paperwork.

I don't think I have ever seen Isaak so happy and excited. Just all the phone calls and text leading up to that day were pretty darn cool but the moment he saw the car was something esle.

Isaak was really surprised at how the clean the vehicle was and how nice it was on the inside. The car is an older Buick Park Avenue but back in the day that was a heck of a nice luxury car and good news for him, its still in like new condition.

I can't thank my brother in law enough for finding the vehicle, having it checked out and fixing up the brakes for Isaak. I'm sure he didn't make a dime on this car but we're real lucky to have Chris in our lives.

This car has a work horse of a motor in it and should do the young man good. But the smile on his face and the hug I got when I handed him the keys...was priceless.

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