It's not that weird of a story... Someone buys an old house, decides to do renovations, and stumbles upon a piece of history or something worth value. Sometimes the findings make headlines, sometimes they don't. However, what this West Michigan man found in his home is so bizarre it's gotten national attention.

33-year-old David Olson, of Norton Shores, recently decided to do renovation in his backyard but came across several barriers once the project was underway. WZZM says he was demolishing his outdoor stairway and as got the top concrete removed he noticed "spheres" buried in the sand.

Once he took a closer look, it was a bowling ball. Not just one, or two, or even a handful... but 158 bowling balls! He told WZZM,

The deeper I went down, the more I pulled out.

There were a variety of sizes and colors of balls, but none of them had the finger holes, which makes it even more weird if you ask me.

He did note that all of the balls had the word "Brunswick" engraved on them so after making his discovery, he called the Brunswick bowling alley in Muskegon.

They told me that back in the 1950s, they used to make damaged bowling balls available for people to take for free and use as landfill. There's no way to know for certain if that's what the previous homeowner did, but given where the bowling balls were found, it seems logical.

So what now? What's Olson going to do with his new collection? I mean... what would you do if you were in this situation? Build your bowling alley, duh.

Okay, that's what I would do but Olson said he's donating 10 balls to a local church and giving some to the Heritage Museum in Downtown Muskegon. He's still unsure what to do with the rest of the balls but he says he's pretty confident there's still more buried in the backyard. My bowling alley suggestion doesn't sound like such a bad idea now, huh?

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