A two-part documentary on Johnny Depp and Amber Heard has been commissioned by Discovery for their streaming service Discovery+. Optomen is producing the double-bill project — titled Johnny vs. Amber — which tells the story of Depp and Heard’s tumultuous relationship from each of their perspectives.

According to Variety, the doc will feature interviews from the lawyers involved in Depp and Heard's divorce, as well as sources close to the ex-couple. Footage and audio recordings filmed by Depp and Heard will also be closely analyzed.

Heard, an actress known for her breakthrough role in Pineapple Express and later her portrayal of Atlantean queen Mera in the DCEU, filed for divorce from Depp in 2016. She alleged that Depp had abused her for a majority of their relationship, causing Depp to retaliate by suing her for defamation.

“The story of what happened between Johnny and Amber continues to be hugely divisive, between fans and the public at large,” said Charlotte Reid, VP commissioning for entertainment at Discovery. “We set out to make a documentary that would explore the story from each of their perspectives, so the viewer can go beyond the headlines, understand who they are, and decide who they should believe in this complex human story.”

Co-CEO Nick Hornby emphasized the documentary's main goal of shedding light on domestic abuse that can occur behind closed doors. “Through the tapes, home videos and text messages shown in court, these films give viewers a rare and important insight into a marriage that went tragically wrong, and to better understand the hugely important issue of domestic violence,” he said in a statement.

Johnny vs. Amber will arrive on Discovery+ sometime this fall.

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