If you are looking for another way to get out of jury duty, but still get picked, try flirting with the person on trial. That is what happened during the Whitmer plot trial.

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Jury Duty

Image Source/ThinkStock/GettyStock
Image Source/ThinkStock/GettyStock

When you become an adult, jury duty is something you may have to do at some time.

I have been selected to be a juror two different times in two different states. I didn't mind the experience and found it very interesting. I was a juror on a rape trial in Oakland County, Michigan many years ago when I lived in the county. I was a juror on a property dispute in Indiana about ten years ago when I lived in the state.

Both times I found the experience highly interesting, plus I was paid to miss work so that was another bonus.

Many People Try to Avoid Jury Duty

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Some people do not want to participate in jury duty when they are selected. When lawyers are asking the potential jurors questions some will give crazy answers in hopes of being excused from jury duty.

What I have not heard of until before was a juror getting excused after the trial has begun, especially when the removal is because of flirting.

Juror Excused for Flirting with Defendant

Alvin S. Glenn Detention Center
Alvin S. Glenn Detention Center

A young woman has been removed from her position as a juror in the case that involved the plot to kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

According to WOOD, after two days at trial, attorneys grew concerned a juror was having too much non-verbal communication with the defendant, Paul Bellar, so Judge Thomas Wilson pulled the juror.

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I find it shocking that a juror is making eye contact with a defendant let alone the two smiling back and forth at each other. Apparently, this has been going on since the trial began with attorneys on both sides plus the judge taking notice.

Sometimes an alternate juror is needed when a juror has something come up that requires them to no longer be a juror, like a death in the family or illness. It's usually not because a juror is flirting with the defendant.

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