Nancy Casaus is a force to be reckoned with.  She doesn't take any s**t from anybody, especially the police.

Recently, the Roswell, New Mexico woman had the cops called on her for beating her husband.  The cops showed up and tried to restrain Nancy, who was having none of it.  Eventually, things got physical and Casaus had to be tased.  But that didn't seem to slow her down very much at all, as she continued to fight by kicking and biting the police officers as they handcuffed her.  And throughout the duration of her ride to the hospital in the police car, she was violently kicking and smashing around.

Once they finally arrived, the officers had to hold her down for over 30 minutes while doctors administered tranquilizing drugs to calm the beast down.  She is now facing charges of battery against an officer, assault and obstructing an officer.

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