As you know we can usually never count on a politician to do anything worth while but Michigan Governor, Gretchen Whitmer, has done something worth celebrating.

According to WZZM, Governor Whitmer has declared Sunday September 15 as Hunting and Fishing Day!

Whitmer said, "Michigan has a rich and storied tradition of hunting and fishing. I'm proud to highlight the importance of hunting and fishing activities here in Michigan and recognizes the contributions of hunters and anglers to wildlife conservation."

Michigan's economy gets a huge boost from roughly 2 million hunters and anglers who invest in their hobby over $11 billion annually. The hunters and anglers also keep close to 200,000 people working because of their joy of the outdoors.

I guess the breakdown on the declared Michigan Hunting and Fishing Day is to promote the awareness of and the importance of hunting and fishing activities. Also how much hunters and anglers contribute to Michigan's wildlife conservation.

Here is a link to a DNR map that lists some of the best family friendly areas that are easy to find to help you catch a high yield of fish. Plus you can even purchase hunting and fishing licenses straight from their site.

So grab a fishing pole or a shotgun and good luck this weekend. Just make sure and take a family member or friend with will double your enjoyment.

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